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Coach 'O' - Larry Olexiuk receives distinguished award

On Sunday, May 21 at the Football Alberta Bantam Bowl banquet our own Larry (Coach O) Olexiuk will be inducted into the Football Alberta Life Membership/Hall of Fame.  Larry's accomplishments listed below in the Football Alberta press release speak for themselves, but his passion and genuine devotion to the Bulldogs Football program is second to none.  We at Bulldogs Football are proud to have such a distinguished and true gentleman teaching our boys how to become men first, and football players second.

Please join us in congratulating Coach O!

Life Membership/Hall of Fame Award
Larry Olexiuk – St. Albert Minor and High School Football
Larry Olexiuk’s involvement in football stretches back to 1967 with his first year of coaching the offense with the Jasper Place Bantam Lions.  A year later he became the head coach of the Palmer 49er’s Bantam team in St. Albert and began a close to 50 year love affair with football in that city.  Over the years, Larry was instrumental in coaching at all levels of the game in St. Albert and also supported the Edmonton District Bantam Football Association as head coach of their all-star team in 1986 and 1987.  His most important role in St. Albert was as the main driver for the creation and initial funding of the St. Albert High School Football Association in 1986.  Prior to that players had to leave the city to play high school football.  Since that time the high school situation has grown from one senior team to football at all three high schools in St. Albert.  Thanks to Larry over 200 young men get to play high school football in their hometown each season.  Very deserving of the Life Membership/Hall of Fame award.

Coach of the Year - Chad Hill

Congratulations to Mr. Chad Hill, who was named the 2017 Coach of the year for Football in the Carr Division by the Metro Athletics staff. Chad was selected and voted upon by his peers within his respective division. This selection showcases his devotion to the game, as well as his commitment to an inclusive environment when interacting with players, fellow coaches, officials and fans.


Here are the steps to register your athlete with Bulldogs Football

  1. Become a Member of Bulldogs Football.
    • Upper left hand corner, click on "Become a Member" and follow instructions.  Once you have validated your membership from your email account, you can proceed.
  2. Login to your Bulldogs Football account.
  3. Click on Registration Tab to register for the 2017 Season.

**It is very important that a Parent/Guardian complete this procedure and NOT the athlete himself.  Bulldogs Football requires that the Parent/Guardian of the player MUST electronically sign and complete this registration and nobody else on behalf of the athlete.**


Edmonton Metro Football All-Stars

Congratulations to these 3 Bulldogs Football players for being chosen as a Carr Division 1 All-Star. in 2016. 


James Suranyi #68 Offensive Lineman
Cordel Callioux #2 Defensive Back
Chase LaRose #22 Defensive Back

James and Cordel will play another season for the Bulldogs in 2017 and Chase will graduate this June.

32 Athletes in each division have been selected as the top contributors in their respective positions.

The Top Quarterback, Top 3 Runningbacks, Top 6 Receivers, Top 6 Offensive Linemen, Top 5 Defensive Linemen, Top 5 Linebackers & Top 6 Defensive Backs have been selected by League Coaches to make up the All - Edmonton Football teams for all three of Metro's Sr. Football Divisions.

Click the link below to see a complete list of All-Stars!


Head Coach, Chad Hill - Bellerose Bulldogs

We are all very proud of of coaching staff and players and in fact our whole organization.  I personally feel that we have the best group of volunteers in the entire area.  Once in a while one of our group receives special recognition and although he is too humble to bring any attention to himself I feel we also want to applaud his recognition.  This is an excerpt taken from the St. Albert Public Schools Division meeting agenda for Wednesday, January 11, 2017.




Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION PRESENTATION - Recipient: Chad Hill, Teacher and Football Coach, Bellerose Composite High School

Even before Chad Hill joined the staff of St. Albert Public Schools, he was a familiar face in our high school locker rooms, as he put in many hours volunteering with both the Paul Kane High School and Bellerose Composite High School rugby clubs. It wasn’t long, then, before his talents were officially recognized and he was hired as a teacher, first at Sir George Simpson Junior High School in 2004, then moving on to Bellerose in 2008. At Bellerose, Chad has stepped into the role of football coach, in addition to teaching Try 10 and English. Recognizing that coaching goes far beyond calling plays, Chad truly focuses on providing a well-rounded experience for his players.  “Chad is very concerned about his players being productive adults in the future,” says Bellerose Acting Principal Max Chorney. “He wants them to be model citizens and good young men down the road.”

Brayden Guy, who has coached with Chad, concurs. “He is well respected by all of his players and assistant coaches, and teaches them life lessons while being extremely relatable and approachable in the process,” he says. “He is a motivator and a player’s coach, because every single player that Chad coaches, or has coached in the past, wants to play for him.”

When it comes to leadership on the field, Chad takes it to a whole new level. “The great leader is a master in the arts of communication, purposeful action, self awareness and service,” says Lorne Akins Principal Graham Jackson, who worked with Chad at Bellerose previously.  “Chad has consistently demonstrated such a clear dedication to these principles that he has become a pillar in our St Albert community, and has become a role model to many.”

“Chad is a perfectionist,” says Brayden. “He is competitive, and expects the best out of people, because he puts his best into everything that he does, every single day. There are few coaches who have mastered the concept of being incredibly knowledgeable, but at the same time an expert at teaching and conveying the knowledge in a way that can be understood by all. Chad is seamlessly masterful at being able to teach players how to excel on the field, and in life.”

Those who have ever coached students know that it is not a small commitment. “Chad is so dedicated, he spends countless hours on football during the season and beyond,” says Max. “He’s already getting ready for spring training now!”

“He has been willing to dedicate a great deal of time to the behind-the-scenes leadership, not interested in recognition but leading for change,” says Graham. “Simply put, Chad is a hard worker, a constant listener and a continuous innovator for his students, his athletes and his colleagues.”

Concludes Brayden, “He doesn’t do things to get recognized, he does things because he is passionate. That passion is not only for the sport of football, but perhaps more importantly for helping people. He loves seeing people reach their highest potential, and there is no one better at helping people reach and exceed that potential, than Chad Hill. He wants to be a winner, but more importantly he wants to see others win. He is most definitely a role model and an invaluable member of our district as he demonstrates every day that people should aspire to work hard, be passionate and strive to be great in everything that they do.” For his commitment to St. Albert Public Schools, the Board of Trustees presents a Certificate of Recognition to Chad Hill.


Brett Yost of the Bulldogs will play on Tuesday, January 17th 12 noon Alberta time in Dallas, Texas against a US All-Star Select U-16 Team.  You should be able to watch this game online at this link.

The website for the competition is

Let's cheer on Brett!


2017 Bulldogs Spring/Fall Registration

Registration for the 2017 Spring/Fall Season will be available in April.  Please go to the Registration Tab on the website and follow the instructions to get your athlete registered at that time.

  • Players MUST be registered online in order to be eligible to receive their equipment and be on the field.  No Exceptions.
  • If you not wish to pay online you can request a private registration in person.  Please contact me for available dates before Spring Camp starts the week of May 15th.

If you have any questions you can contact me via email or phone/text.

Darryl Moroz - Bulldogs Football


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